A Few Recommended Jewellery Shops in London

London is an exciting place to be right now, especially if you’re shopping for jewellery. Tough economic times have hit every city across the globe and London is no exception. One thing that people cut down in tough economic times is unnecessary purchases, such as the purchase of jewellery. That means that the jewellery stores that are still open in London offer superior quality and affordable prices. As one of the fashion meccas of the world, London jewelers are extremely knowledgeable about all different types of jewellery and take pride in their knowledge. London Jewelers Week, held each year in June, showcases the knowledge of jewelers across the city.

There are a variety of jewellery stores recommended by the natives of London. Amongst the most popular are Arlington and Co. and Bellara Diamonds. Arlington and Co. has a reputation for excellent customer service. Patrons of Arlington and Co. report not feeling pressured to buy anything and by being rewarded (with champagne) for choosing to purchase their jewellery there. They are committed to quality products. They proclaim to potential customers that what makes them different is the belief that “the experience of buying a diamond should be as pleasurable as it is to own one.”

Patrons of Bellara Diamonds report having a wide selection of gems to choose from, as well as good customer service. Bellara Diamonds believe that customers should be able to make informed decisions in a relaxed environment. They strive to ensure that each customer is educated and that their staff gets to know you to ensure the best experience possible.

Time Out London recommends Pickett as one of the best jewellery shops in London. Their jewellery is all made locally out of the finest materials available. Time Out reports that Pickett has a timeless, vintage feel that you can’t find anywhere else in the city.

The top recommended jewellery story in London is EC One. As a locally owned business they provide services in a way that no other shop on London does. They create unique, one-of-a-kind pieces that are sure to impress. They strive to get to know you to create the perfect piece of jewellery for any occasion. Reviews have said that the staff at EC One work hard to ensure that each customer has the best experience possible.

Overall, London is a fantastic place to buy jewellery. Jewelers are knowledgeable and passionate about their jobs. They work hard to ensure that you have the best quality piece possible.


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