Going Shopping in Surfers Paradise

Besides the waves, the one thing that Surfers Paradise is known for is its unbelievable shopping. People come from all up and down the Gold Coast for the unique shops and the great deals that can be found, many people travel quite long distances. Car hire in Surfers Paradise is one of the best options for you, because this way you can explore more shopping destinations and also transport all your purchases back to wherever you are staying.

It is no surprise that one of the most popular shops in Surfers Paradise is the shop aptly named “Surfers Paradise.” For all the hardcore surfers, this is the place to choose one of the 250 different types of surf boards, surfing equipment and anything else you need before hitting the beach. With some of the best names in the business, no trip to the Gold Coast is complete without stopping in this popular shop.

Jewellery stores are also hugely popular down the coast, with some of the popular ones including Bevan Guy Jewellers, Cartier, and Jewellery Sun. If it is handbags that catch your fancy, then head straight to the duty free stores. Here, you can pick up your favourite brands, including Gucci and Louis Vuitton at reasonable rates.

Surfers Paradise is perhaps the only 24X7 shopping destination in Queensland, which means that you can shop till you drop at any hour! There are 14 shopping centres in the area, where you can pick up almost anything that your heart desires.

On Wednesday and Friday evenings, you should hit the esplanade for the incredible Beachfront Markets, which sell everything from locally made gifts to clothes to artwork. There are also 14 shopping centres that offer stores with such names as Wild Orchid, Via La Mode, and Igedo.

Since this area is an international acclaimed shopping district, there are also other facilities available for shoppers. For instance, there are retail as well as duty free shops in the vicinity. In case you are an international visitor, you can claim a refund on certain taxes tht are levied, like the Foods and Services Tax.

Don’t forget to take advantage of the car rentals in Surfers Paradise and head about 20 minutes outside town for the best in outlet shopping at Harbour Town, which is filled with well appointed stores selling quality goods at an unbelievable price. From designer boutiques to beachside markets, you can find everything you ever dreamed about in Surfers Paradise.