How to Avoid Falling Into The Junk Jewellery Trap

With so much choice in cheap costume jewellery available on the high street today it is easy to get caught up in all the trends. It is true that fashion has become increasingly throw away over the past decade and many of us have fallen into the trap of not only applying this attitude to our clothes but also to our jewellery. The problem with trying to keep up with the latest Top Shop jewellery fad is that over time you have spent a considerable amount of money with little more to show but a shoe box full of dated tangled metal chains and random earrings.

It may have served its purpose for a few weeks but surely that money could have been better spent? If you like to keep abreast of the latest fashion trends but feel that you can only buy cheap jewellery in order to do so, think again. It might be wise to consider buying a few good quality timeless pieces of jewellery that you will have for years. This doesn’t mean spending an absolute fortune and neither does it mean sacrificing style. However, the amount that you spend will probably equate to what you would spend over an entire season on so called ‘costume jewellery’ from the high street or possibly less!

Take for example this season’s safari holiday trend. Think linen and lots of it, trousers, skirts and shorts in khaki, cream and brown. Combine it with leopard and ethnic prints. When you are clothes shopping, be careful not to just reach for anything that ‘matches’ on the rather too conveniently placed costume jewellery stand. All you need is a simple pair of jade earrings. They are perfectly on trend and will last longer than a season. From a cost saving perspective, you will be bringing them out for years to come.

If safari isn’t your thing then what about this season’s alternative trend ‘the girl next door’? This is all about floral prints, ruffles, bows, pastels and sorbet brights. There’s a strong 50’s element which is very Sex and the City’s Charlotte York. Enter any high street store and pearls will be literally strewn on every display, but think twice before you pile on the overpriced imitations and consider investing just a little bit extra on a freshwater pearls necklace that you will keep forever until you are finally old enough to don them with your twin set!

So, when you are out clothes shopping, try not to get caught up in the moment. Instead of piling on every costume jewellery trend at once and consequently spending lots of money on objects with a short life span, consider a couple of investment pieces in keeping with the current trends that you will ultimately continue to enjoy.