Jewellery For Sale – The Art of Buying Genuine Jewels

Looking through online or physical catalogues of jewellery for sale can be truly fun, especially if you are the type who loves fine jewellery. There are times when you find yourself wanting to own a few jewelry accessories listed in the catalogue even if you do not need them, just because they look so beautiful.

If you have the money and the passion for jewellery, there is nothing to stop you from indulging in buying jewellery for sale. Good jewellery, after all, are investments, not just fashion items; jewels that are really valuable can increase in value as time passes on.

But before you spend your hard-earned money on a jewellery sale, one thing you need to make sure of is that the pieces you are buying are the real stuff. It can be disastrous for you if you ended up wasting so much money on a fake. To protect yourself from such happenings, it is better that you know as much about what you are buying first.

Know More About Jewellery Before Buying

When you buy jewelry accessories from a jewellery shop, there are a few things that you need to have a look at before you pay for it. You should have a look at these things when you browse through jewellery for sale:

– The purity of the metal used in creating the piece of jewellery. Always look for the marking on the metal that indicates how pure this metal is. For instance, an 18-karat gold piece would be marked as “18K or “750” to show that the metal is 75% gold and 25% made of some other metal. On silver jewellery, you should look for the “925” mark. This would indicate that the silver jewellery is 92.5% pure silver.

– The cut, clarity and colour of the gemstone. Amongst gemstones, the trend is that the higher the stone’s clarity is, the higher its value. Also, some colours are rarer, so the colour that the gemstone comes in can also affect the value of the stone. The cut also matters because it enhances the appearance of the gem. When you are shopping for diamonds, you should also look at the carat or the weight of the diamond.

– The treatments used on the gemstone, if any. There are many instances where gemstones used in jewellery have gone through heat treatments, irradiation or other processes to make them look prettier, deepen their colour and do away with their imperfections. It is possible that the treatment is not permanent, and in this case, the jewellery for sale you are considering may require special care.

Be Aware of the Store’s Policies

Shopping at a jewellery sale carries some risk to it, especially if the store you are making your purchase from is a small and relatively unknown shop. Physical jewellery stores would always have their business permits and licenses prominently displayed to ensure that the jewellery they are selling are genuine.

When you buy jewellery for sale, you also need to be aware of the store’s return policies. This is one of the guarantees you can have in case it turns out that you do not like the jewellery you just purchased. If it is a precious gem that you just bought, you should make sure that a certificate of authenticity was enclosed with your package.