With so much choice in cheap costume jewellery available on the high street today it is easy to get caught up in all the trends. It is true that fashion has become increasingly throw away over the past decade and many of us have fallen into the trap of not only applying this attitude to our clothes but also to our jewellery. The problem with trying to keep up with the latest Top Shop jewellery fad is that over time you have spent a considerable amount of money with little more to show but a shoe box full of dated tangled metal chains and random earrings.

It may have served its purpose for a few weeks but surely that money could have been better spent? If you like to keep abreast of the latest fashion trends but feel that you can only buy cheap jewellery in order to do so, think again. It might be wise to consider buying a few good quality timeless pieces of jewellery that you will have for years. This doesn’t mean spending an absolute fortune and neither does it mean sacrificing style. However, the amount that you spend will probably equate to what you would spend over an entire season on so called ‘costume jewellery’ from the high street or possibly less!

Take for example this season’s safari holiday trend. Think linen and lots of it, trousers, skirts and shorts in khaki, cream and brown. Combine it with leopard and ethnic prints. When you are clothes shopping, be careful not to just reach for anything that ‘matches’ on the rather too conveniently placed costume jewellery stand. All you need is a simple pair of jade earrings. They are perfectly on trend and will last longer than a season. From a cost saving perspective, you will be bringing them out for years to come.

If safari isn’t your thing then what about this season’s alternative trend ‘the girl next door’? This is all about floral prints, ruffles, bows, pastels and sorbet brights. There’s a strong 50’s element which is very Sex and the City’s Charlotte York. Enter any high street store and pearls will be literally strewn on every display, but think twice before you pile on the overpriced imitations and consider investing just a little bit extra on a freshwater pearls necklace that you will keep forever until you are finally old enough to don them with your twin set!

So, when you are out clothes shopping, try not to get caught up in the moment. Instead of piling on every costume jewellery trend at once and consequently spending lots of money on objects with a short life span, consider a couple of investment pieces in keeping with the current trends that you will ultimately continue to enjoy.

Fashion lovers love to focus on every element related to their fashion. They want to make sure that from their clothes to their accessories are well co-ordinated. For this they even make attempts to follow the fashion trends of international celebrities. One of the most loved aspects of dressing up is the jewellery part of it.

The most common misconception amongst shoppers is that jewellery is pretty simple to buy. But only the fashion lover shoppers are well aware about the complexity related to the jewellery shopping. Jewellery shopping not only requires skill and knowledge but even the right experience. As there are many different kinds of jewellery retailers in the market and to choose one specific style amongst them can be quite difficult.

Jewellery styles are mostly classified in to three styles:

• Outdoor or Casual Style Jewellery

• Formal Style Jewellery

• Traditional Jewellery

Here the outdoor or casual style jewellery is worn as day wears and is perfect for casual dates or for an evening movie outing with friends. Formal wear is perfect for office wear as the look is minimal and the designs are quite simple. The traditional style jewellery is the kind that is mostly preferred for either family occasions like weddings or for festival purposes. Be it whatever style the best way to invest in jewellery is by looking for sales and discounts available on jewellery. This way the shopper can experiment and try out different styles available in the jewellery collections. There are many stores available online that keep their consumers posted about the latest deals available on the jewellery collection but the shoppers must make sure to select only the most trusted retailer. This will help them in investing only high quality and long lasting jewellery items.

Some popular jewellery retailers often announce winter or summer sales and the best way to spot these sales is by making an in-depth research online or by looking for consumer reviews available online. Mentioned below are a few ways using these steps the consumers can spot the summer discounts available on the jewellery collection:

– The jewellery lovers can scout for tourist locations and then look for the local retailers

– Mostly the cost of jewellery in the tourist locations are quite cheaper especially the casual style jewellery

– They can even look for flea markets available in the area or online

– There are many websites that retail in flea market type of jewellery but they must check the quality guarantee before investing in the jewellery items

– Holiday discounts are the best possible way to grab some great deals on the jewellery items

– Another sure way of getting fabulous discounts on jewellery is by looking for a site that offers jewellery at wholesale prices

When women shop for jewellery in a local or online jewellery store, they take several factors into account. However, most of them fail to regard their figure, which is one of the main fashion deciding aspects. It is highly advisable that you choose gold or diamond jewellery based on your physique that include petite, plus and tall sizes. More care is required when it comes to shopping jewellery for petite women. If you fall under the petite size category, then take a look at the following shopping tips.

• Women who are less than or equal to the height of 5′ 4″ fall in to the petite size category. They must rummage around for jewellery styles that look simply stunning instead of overstating their overall look.

• If you are a petite woman, then consider weight and bone structure apart from your height while picking jewellery for any occasion. This way you can achieve a simple yet stylish look.

• Petite women who have a well-built physique can choose jewellery pieces that are ostentatious in design. Spiral triumph ring, violet floral earrings and flexible wired collar necklace are some of the fine picks.

• On the other hand, those petite women who have a small body frame can pick jewellery pieces that are minimalistic in design and small in size. Take a sneak peek at flush-set stud earrings, solitary pearl necklace and floral bracelet, which make excellent choices.

• While choosing gold and diamond jewellery for neck, petite women must avoid choker necklaces. In order to add depth and achieve balance, they have to pick elongated chains.

• Face shape should be taken into account while choosing jewellery. This way you can achieve the desired look!

• While picking bracelets, opt for the delicately designed ones which flaunt a subtle style. The Linea bracelet will make a wonderful choice! Wide bracelets or bangles might overpower your figure, so try to avoid them.

• Small studs, hoops and huggies look great on petite women. It is better to avoid extravagant earrings which make your look cluttered. For parties and special occasions, you can choose hoops, studs and huggies with precious stone embellishment that exude a sense of luxury. August earrings are one of the best examples of this kind.

Carefully read these tips before visiting local or online jewellery store to shop for jewellery. By opting for online jewellery store, you can save lot of time and money. And also you can browse best variety of jewellery designs in one place.

Hey! Are you a jewellery addict? Then, what we are saying about purchasing jewellery online might interest you. Shopping for this gorgeous piece of beauty online is real fun. There is nothing that expresses a unique taste, fashion, style, and personality better than a beautiful piece of designer jewellery.

But how do you buy your jewellery? Do you head over to a jewellery shop or you just buy from an online jewellery shop which is much easier and convenient? In the shopping world, online shopping can be described as the leading trend in current times. Maybe it’s due to the numerous benefits that come with it, which include convenience, lower prices, and variety.

However, the experience you get from shopping jewellery online depends on some factors. And when you put these factors into consideration, it could lead to a better shopping experience that will give you optimum satisfaction.

KNOW WHAT YOU ARE BUYING: Imagine shopping for an 24 carat gold without knowing the difference it has from a 18 carat gold. It means you might just accept anything in the form of gold jewellery you eventually receive from an online store thinking it’s the exact one you purchased from them. It’s better to educate yourself about the different grades of your chosen jewellery and factors that affect its quality and value. Doing some homework and conducting proper research will help you a lot. You will be better informed and avoid being defrauded by some unscrupulous online shops. You will be confident that you will receive what you paid for, as most online stores have a very bad reputation for sending a piece of jewellery to a customer with a very low quality compared to the one the customer ordered.

REPUTATION: I can’t stress this enough. Reputation is the hallmark of whatever you got to consider before shopping online. What is the online store known for, how do they handle their products, do they use a reliable shipping company, what are their customers saying about them online, are the reliable too? These questions are vital and could determine the experience you get from the store too. It’s vital to buy jewellery from only trusted sources and from a well known national brand.

RETURN POLICY: Before buying that jewellery online, ensure the return policy of the store favours you as the buyer. You could make a mistake during the shopping process, it could be at the point of paying for the item, you might even choose the wrong size and color you want only to discover after check out. And the product delivered could be entirely different from the one you ordered. In the event of such inconveniences, the return policy should enable you return the item and get your money after due verification by the store management. Any cost incurred during such process should be extremely low too.